I am a photographer and conceptual artist based in Dunstable, UK.

My first encounter with images occurred when I was a small child and discovered an old box packed with family photographs. I was captivated by the images that revealed long-forgotten stories and introduced me to long-forgotten people.
Nonetheless, throughout most of my life, my passion for photography was a fantasy that I revisited but neglected. It was not until recently that I rediscovered my interest in photography. It was then that I decided to pursue a profession in this field.

I chose to study photography at the University of Bedfordshire, where, I expanded and deepened my knowledge of fine art and conceptual photography. I recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree.

I predominantly work in the digital medium. Inspiration comes from personal experiences and impressions of my environment. Frequently inspired by history, symbolism, and culture, I rely on my subconscious mind to visualise ideas. Studying psychology in the past, I am able to blend photography skills with psychological concepts, bringing about a perfect marriage of my passions.

My shift to conceptual photography allowed me to add another dimension to this combination and further broaden the scope of my practice. By incorporating psychology into images, I am able to test the boundaries of photography by merging reality and imagination to create visual representations of unconscious notions.

My work has been exhibited in Luton and Glasgow, and I was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards.
I am open to collaborations with other artists, photographers and models.
Please get in touch if You would like to work with me or if you have any other questions.
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